As part of a cause oriented group which assist seniors, I cannot help but praise the HUD Senior Housing program as it continues to provide adequate and affordable housing options for the elderly. The senior members of our society have provided us with so much during the prime of their years. This is why we owe it to them to provide their sector with the best living conditions we can give in order to make life more comfortable in the waning years of their lives.


The Benefits Of The HUD Senior Housing Program

There are many benefits that can be derived from the housing program for seniors. These houses will allow seniors to live comfortably and some housing units also provide nursing care. The government has provided several options for seniors to choose from in order to benefit from their housing program. There are housing units which are solely created to take in seniors and provide them with a room and other amenities. These units house several elderly individuals and there are activities which are geared towards their enjoyment.  The units are safe and away from noises which may disturb the seniors during their hours of rest. There are also adequate bus service if some of them wish to go to a nearby store or shop. Seniors who stay in low rent units enjoy the benefit of subsidized rents. My dad who is also a beneficiary of the program only pays 30% of the rent. All other utilities are subsidized by the government.


The Application Process

It all starts by contacting the local HUD office. These offices are scattered among the different cities nationwide and are eager to provide answers to questions about the senior housing program.  There are certain criteria that has to be met in order to qualify. The housing unit should be solely used to house seniors. The occupant should be at least 62 years old in order to qualify or if living with other household members, at least one member of the household should be 55 years old or 80% of the entire housing unit are seniors belonging to the lower 50% of the income bracket. The income bracket is measured base on the general income of the families in a given community and may vary from one place to the next.


The Screening Process For The HUD Senior Housing

To apply, personal information has to be provided. My father furnished a copy of his financial statements and other information which was used for screening. All other members of the household are also ask to provide documentation and personal details. This will enable to the agency to screen the individuals who live in a unit and exclude those who pose a treat to the safety of the community.


Various Housing Programs Available

HUD Senior Housing ProgramThere are many options that can be selected when one qualifies for the housing program for seniors. Aside from moving into those houses which are exclusively for the elderly, it is also possible to stay in the current address and receive vouchers for rent and other utilities for subsidy. There are also apartment units that are being offered at lower rates in accordance to the  HUD Senior Housing program.